Frequently Asked Questions

When and Why was the Center created?

The Center for Sportfishing Policy (formerly Center for Coastal Conservation) was incorporated and officially opened for business on October 5, 2006. The Center was organized by a group of individuals and organizations interested in advancing issues related to marine conservation, recreational fishing and boating, and public access to the nation’s coastal resources.

Aren’t there other organizations with similar goals?

Organizations with somewhat similar general goals do exist but a need existed for a new organization that focuses on working within the nation’s political process for sensible solutions to conservation issues. The Center’s members include individuals and corporations who believe that conservation and sensible recreational use of natural resources are compatible. The Center complements its partner organizations through effective advocacy.

Are membership and contributions to the Center tax deductible?

No. The Center is a nonprofit group organized under 501(c)(4) of the IRS Revenue Code, accordingly donations are not tax deductible.

Does the Center contribute directly to candidates?

No. The Center has formed a federal political action committee for that purpose: Center for Sportfishing Policy Political Action Committee.  “Center PAC,” for short.

Does the Center contribute exclusively to candidates from certain political parties?

The Center and Center PAC are nonpartisan. Our focus is on issues relating to marine conservation and not on support or opposition to candidates of any particular political party.

How is the Center managed?

The Center’s Board of Directors establishes policy and makes major decisions. The organization is managed by President Jeff Angers from the Center’s offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What are the levels of Membership?

There are four levels of membership which are detailed on this page

How does one join the Center?

Contact Lauren Tucker at (225) 382-3754.